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"Time after time if your lost you can look and you will find me", plays in the background as I remember the time my father looked at me with his sad green eyes and stated "I will always be in your heart." Yes, to this day he is always in my heart and has been past now 22 years.

The things we remember about those who we love that are past seem the most insignificant at the time and later are the most profound. I remember the way he ate chicken soup right out of the pot and as I am writing this I can even smell the fragrant aroma of the spices he chose to create his culinary masterpieces.

He loved to watch wrestling every Saturday afternoon and it seemed to be for hours at a time. When you are a child this can be very annoying especially if all you are wanting to watch is a few episodes of your favourite cartoons. Fast forward many years later and I am still surrounded by wrestling except it is in the form of my sons practicing and competing in this aggressive and t…

Manifesting your Wishes

Manifesting a desire or a wish is a decision. If we want to make our dreams come true or wish upon a star we must first be clear of what those desires are that we want to manifest.
It can be difficult to narrow down the true wishes and desires from the films of whimsy and the spats of green envy that one may conjure when viewing the success of another.

We all have dreams and we all have goals that if we chose to make a reality out of we can with hard work, determination and dedication.  The questions to ask yourself are:
Do you really want this?
What are you willing to sacrifice?
What is your plan?
How much time are you willing to invest in this?
Can you make the choice to truly give your all?

"Do you really want this?" Must be asked over and over to the self. Whether the desire is weight loss, a career change or goal, going towards a move, lifestyle change and or truly and simply just living out your dream which could even be a culmination of many wishes into one.
After yo…

Say No To Psychic Courses

The study of or the want to study and learn to be one with the spiritual world is a yearning for many and an easy way to prey on those that want to truly believe that they can and do have the ability to make that connection for the general public.

Yes, we all have an intuition a gut feeling or our own vibes. Yes, we share a connection with our close friends and our family, especially our children and or our pets. However, this does not mean that Sally the grocery clerk can get a mediumship session from everyone. This does not mean that Billy the financial expert can go to you for a clairvoyant session regarding his love life.

Not to discredit or state that you can not do this I am simply stating that not everyone can do this for the public. Yes, one can learn to hone their gifts, or quiet their conscious in order to connect to their third eye. Yes, this can be taught, however the technique that is to be mastered is in fact meditation. It is not a course skewed towards learn to be a p…

Thoughts on Science and Unknown

My husband was on Reddit the other day and upon his scroll fest he did find one character in the midst of a rant  displaying his annoyance and dispute of the paranormal dictating lack of scientific evidence. This spawned my blog about dimensions and the paranormal as well as unexplained.

The topic of other dimensions in relation to UFO as well as paranormal activity has always been controversial.
The scientific theory called "string theory" is looking to prove the relation of gravity and quantum physics. Meaning looking to prove the existence beyond earth. Beyond this realm, this  dimension.

The controversy is of those who believe, those have experiences and those who say no thanks to all possibilities outside of themselves. Yes, no Santa, no tooth fairies, no ghosts, goblins or E.T.

As a clairvoyant medium I do believe in dimensions, aliens and spirit. I do believe in Santa too! Well, the spirit of Santa which is essential giving which is an attribute of  light energy.