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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

The first time you look into those big beautiful eyes and see that tail wagging you know you have found kinship with a true companion that will be forever loyal.
He or she will bring you comfort, joy, warmth and maybe your slippers, a dish rag, lost sock or even dead mouse. The sound of squeaky toys, barking, meowing and little feet running; having stuffed animals and pillows with their stuffing out or even fixing a couch that is scratched whilst smiling at your naughty little friend.  You will spend time training, caressing, combing, bathing and yes cleaning after them. They may greet you at the door, watch you while you sleep , oggle your food and may even follow you to the bathroom. Their sweet paws are those that will always leave an imprint on your soul, this is true unconditional love and mutual understanding.

The day does come though, when you may have to make the decision to help your best friend and companion to make their journey towards the “Rainbow Bridge” a place in heave…

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